For Columbia researchers, contact Fereshteh Zandkarimi for instrument training sessions, or use the Sample Submission Form on the Documents page to submit a sample for accurate mass (HRMS) measurements.

Mass spec services for non-Columbia and industry researchers are also available.  These include:

  • accurate mass (HRMS) measurements for small molecules using ESI/APCI/ASAP-QTOF
  • SFC-MS(/MS) or GC-MS quantitation experiments
  • intact protein and RNA/DNA oligomer MS using MALDI-TOF
  • identification of synthetic polymer repeat units and end groups using MALDI-TOF
  • Mass spectrometry imaging using MALDI or DESI
  • Targeted metabolomics
  • Targeted and untargeted lipidomics
  • other research-specific experiments

In some cases, sample preparation must be carried out by the researcher with guidance from facility staff.  Contact Fereshteh Zandkarimi to discuss how the mass spec facility can help with your research.